Towl Dispensers

Model Image Item Name
SJ T 800 WH Crank Roll Towel Dispenser

Crank Roll Towel Dispenser

The Crank Roll is a durable, universal roll towel...

SJ T 1100 TBK Lever Roll Towl Dispenser, Black

Lever Roll Towl Dispenser, Black

The Lever Roll Towel is a large capacity...

SJ T 1950 XC Mini C-fold/Multifold Towel Dispenser

Mini C-fold/Multifold Towel Dispenser

The Mini C-Fold/Multifold dispenser is ideal for...

SJ T 451 XC Perforated Roll Towel Dispenser

Perforated Roll Towel Dispenser

Industrial quality, easy-to-mount perforated roll...

SJ T 1800 XC Singlefold Towel Dispenser

Singlefold Towel Dispenser

The San Jamar solution for dispensing Singlefold...

SJ T 1490 TBK Smart System Towel Dispenser with Sensor

Smart System Towel Dispenser with Sensor

San Jamar's Smart System with iQ sensor...

SJ T 1905 XC TrueFold® C-fold/Multifold

TrueFold® C-fold/Multifold

The True Fold® accommodates both C-Fold and...

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